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The Midlife Woman's Guide to Style

Jul 29, 2022

Ever have a one hit wonder in your closet? Maybe you fell in love with an item but it was in a
weird color that you don’t usually wear. You got home and realized you could create exactly
one outfit with it. It hangs in your closet collecting dust and taking up space.

STOP being lured in by pieces that you are enticed...

Jul 26, 2022

Ladies, get your credit cards ready! The summer sales have begun and sale shopping
has been elevated to new heights. With items marked down to 75% or even lower, it
can be a wonderful time to score some serious deals. But beware. Many a good
wardrobe has been ruined with the influx of items that were ‘too good of a...

Jul 21, 2022

If I asked you to describe the clothing hanging in your closet right now what words
would come to mind? Nourishing, fulfilling and sensual? Or would it be better described
as unsatisfying, disappointing and always leaves you wanting more. You deserve to
have a wardrobe that fuels you in all the right ways and leaves...

Jul 19, 2022

We all love a great sale but when you build your wardrobe on nothing but items found
on sale or at discount stores, you end up spending more money than you think! In this
episode I share how going cheap is probably costing you a LOT more and what you can
do about it.

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Jul 14, 2022

When it comes to fashion there is no one size fits all, and there’s definitely not a one-
style-fits all. So why is it there are so many style experts giving out just plain bad
advice? After reading an article recently that offered style advice I feel no midlife
woman should take, I wanted to remind you that what you...