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The Midlife Woman's Guide to Style

Apr 27, 2023

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Ready to jump start your style? Discover your 3 keys of style in our course, How to
Find Your Signature Style. Easy, on-demand videos walk you through finding your
signature colors, knowing...

Apr 25, 2023

Some of the best things in life happen at the spur of the moment. Is your style ready? Having a
style that not only allows you to take advantage of spontaneous invitations or opportunities not
only keeps you actively engaged, it boosts your confidence, your mood and your quality of life!
Is your style supporting you to...

Apr 20, 2023

French women possess a certain je ne sais quoi that is unmistakable, and it starts with their
beauty secrets. After spending some time in Paris, I’ve learned much about their makeup,
skincare and beauty secrets that the rest of us could benefit from. In this episode I dive in to
give you the top 10 beauty secrets of...

Apr 18, 2023

Wondering how to update your look for spring? Well, sometimes all you need to do is make a
few swaps, and small tweaks to bring big energy back into your style. Try these simple swaps
and bring your look right up to the minute.

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Apr 13, 2023

Wish you had a secret formula for getting dressed quickly and easily? Now you do! In this
episode I’m sharing the magic of color anchors! I’m giving you all the stylist secrets to help you
build outfits effortlessly, while wearing color with confidence!

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A Color...