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The Midlife Woman's Guide to Style

Dec 30, 2021

Style mistakes are inevitable. Look around and chances are you’ll see more than one woman
committing a style sin, and she doesn’t even know it. Try as you might, it just happens. And it can be
enough to ruin your entire look, not to mention, blow your confidence!

One of the biggest reasons style mistakes are so prevalent is that most women just don’t know they’re
making a mistake, and they have no idea how much it impacts their image. So ladies, I want you keep
you in the loop so you know what to look for as you head out the door – and so you can be the one to
keep all your friends in line, too.

Knowing you’re making a fashion blunder is one thing. To be completely clueless is another. So pay
attention to what I want to share with you because it could cost you your confidence!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What color to stop wearing and what to wear instead
  • The one item that could be undermining your style
  • What you should be updating each season to look current
  • The real reason women are making style mistakes
  • How to keep your style looking fresh each season

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